Bambu Labs X1C Spool Holder Clip

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About the Bambu Labs X1C Spool Holder Clip

 This clips right over the metal bracket that comes with the Bambu labs X1C and is meant to be used with a spool holder standoff. This provides a cylindrical surface for the spools to roll on, and also orients the spool at a slight angle to better feed into the PTFE inlet tube.  

The wider end snaps on toward the printer.  Also, print with this wider end down, we had good luck on the X1C without supports in PLA.  If you modify or remix please let us know!  

Instructions and Usage

  • Use this with one of the many spool standoffs out there, to ensure it holds the spool off the back of the machine far enough.
  • If you are using cardboard spools, you probably want to print some spool arbors to prevent the cardboard from getting chewed up and leaving dust everywhere.