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About the PTFE Tube

Replace your PTFE tube to keep your extruder running in top shape and prevent thin-wall conditions or holes from developing (see example photos). Over time, the soft PTFE gives way to the plastic being pushed against the same spot and eventually results in worn thru tubes, creating extrusion or loading/unloading issues.

Tubes are available for both the "original" and "updated" versions of flashforge creator extruder hot-ends. The original version uses a 3mm OD tube, while the updated version uses a 4mm OD tube. Please verify your type before ordering. Both are 2mm ID (meant for 1.75mm filament). Tubes should also work for other extruders which utilize PTFE tubes.

We carry the tubes in pre-cut lengths (1.38") to just drop in and go. We also sell 1-foot increments if you just want to stock up and cut your own to fit as needed. Longer lengths available upon request.

Most orders will ship same or next business day if ordered by 3pm EST.