Replicator 2 Fan Guard (and other machines)

$ 2.99

Performance 3-d products are Made in the USA

About the Replicator 2 Fan Guard (and other machines)

A Fan Guard to keep those pesky filament strands (and fingers!) from damaging your fan blades.  This print provides a lot of open area so that it does not create unnecessary restriction on the fan input, yet provides enough protection to keep the fans in good shape.  

As an added bonus, this print is a pretty good torture test for retraction and stringing.  You can see just a bit of stringing in the photos (but we've seen much worse!).

Will fit a variety of machines, such as Replicator 2, Flashforge Creator, various clones, etc...   You may or may not need longer bolts.   Fits a 40mm fan with 32mm hole spacing.  Bottom 2 holes are used for mounting, top 2 holes are not used (leave them empty when installing).  

If you have a Replicator 2 - you can print the other additional parts like the exhaust vent spacer.  This slips into the heatsink and acts as a spacer for the bolts to tighten up against.  It also directs the exhaust air sideways and away from the nozzle.  For other printers (Flashforge Creator, etc...) just ignore these additional components.  

Bonus points:  Print the fan guard in thermal filament and watch it change color when your extruder heats up!