Kraken Chimera Heat Break Thermal Barrier Tubes

$ 14.99

Performance 3-d products are Made in the USA

About the Kraken Chimera Heat Break Thermal Barrier Tubes

Manufactured in the USA by P3-d, these heat break tubes are replacements for Kraken or Chimera Heat Break Tubes.  They are precision machined on swiss CNC lathes and plated with our electroless nickel based Duraplat3-d™ technology, which is used in plastic injection and aerospace RTM carbon fiber molds for its release properties and wear resistance.  


Duraplat3-d™ Coating:

  • Specially engineered for improved lubricity and low friction
  • Entirely coated inside and outside
  • High hardness (68Rc) for a lifetime of printing
  • Wear resistant for abrasive filaments (carbon fiber, metallic, etc...) 
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Fits Kraken and Chimera Hot Ends
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • M6 thread
  • 7mm smooth OD