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Replicator 2 Overhead Spool Holder

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About the Replicator 2 Overhead Spool Holder

New and improved, version 2 Overhead Spool Holder for Makerbot Replicator 2 machines mounts to existing frame in just minutes using included shoulder bolts! Fit up to 6 standard size makerbot, deltamaker, toybuilder labs, gizmodorks, or equivalent spools overhead on the sturdy aluminum tubular shaft. Eliminate the hassle of changing out spools individually on the back of the machine. Just unload, load the next color and go!

Pay-off filament overhead and reduce tension and tangles. Included with the system is everything you need.  One plastic roller is included and you get the STL file to print as many others as you like.  Roller fits standard spools with an inner diameter of 2" or larger and width less than 2.5" or you can make your own custom sizes easily enough.  


  • (4) Aluminum uprights
  • (4) Shoulder bolts for mounting to the Replicator 2 frame
  • (2) Flat-head screws and hex nuts for attaching the center joint
  • (1) 1/2" diameter aluminum rod (shipped in 2 pcs)
  • (1) Plastic spool roller and the STL file so you can print as many as you like
  • (1) Piece of short PTFE tubing for the extruder head

Bolts to replicator 2 frame in minutes, using just a 4mm and a 5mm allen key. 

Not for use on Replicator 2X due to enclosed hood.