Replicator 2 Tool Hanger Clip

$ 0.99

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About the Replicator 2 Tool Hanger Clip

Two simple printable clips that just snap onto your replicator 2 and allow you to hang tools from the side.  We use ours to hang a putty knife on the large one and a set of feeler gages on the small one.  Also great for key rings and other small items.  

Supports are built into the model (shown in yellow) and need removed after printing.  May have to slow down print speed to make sure the layers adequately cool before going to the next layer on the tiny post.  

After printing, just snap in place on the right side of your replicator 2 as shown.  The hole should slip over a nut on the inside of the machine.

Both style clips (Clip 1 and Clip2) are included in the download.  They each fit onto a different spot on the Makerbot Replicator 2.  Just choose whether you want the STL file or choose the full CAD Model (STEP/STP) format if you need it.