VIDEO: Voodoo Manufacturing’s First-Ever Robot-Operated 3D Printer Cluster

July 10, 2017 by Leah Evanovich

Our friends (and valuable customers!) at Voodoo Manufacturing have pioneered a breakthrough for the 3D printing industry: the world’s first robot-operated 3D printer cluster. The robot, deemed Project Skywalker, is launching Voodoo into the future by cutting costs and allowing operations to continue 24/7.

The robot arm functions as a “harvester”, removing plates from printers as necessary and replacing them with new, clean plates. These plates needed to be durable and high-performance – and that’s where we stepped in.

We’ve supplied them with more than 500 precision-cut glass build plates to help ensure their 160 busy printers are operating with cutting-edge efficiency. High-quality upgrade parts are critical, especially when printing in high volume like these guys! The glass plates we provided had to meet exacting dimensional standards in width to ensure it snaps into the printer reliably. They also had to be uniform in thickness so that Voodoo could eliminate the manual and time-consuming step of re-leveling the build plate in between swaps.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and don’t miss our product cameos!

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