E3D™ Volcano Nozzles Maker's Pack

$ 59.99

Performance 3-d products are Made in the USA

About the E3D™ Volcano Nozzles Maker's Pack

E3D Volcano-Compatible Nozzle Maker Pack contains 5 nozzles, 1 each of the following: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm.  

Nozzles can be for either 1.75mm or 3mm (2.85mm) filament.  Nozzle pack can be either from our Elite series (brass material), Apollo series (aluminum material) or Hercules series (thru-hardened steel material for abrasive filaments).  

With the versatility and value offered by this bundle, this is the perfect set for the hobbyist, tinkerer or serious printer!  

E3D™ is a registered trademark of E3D-Online.  

Volcano-compatible nozzles are completely made in the USA by Performance 3-d and are not affiliated with E3D.  They are not simply plated E3D nozzles (be wary of this, the dimensions would be too large).  P3-d manufactures undersize nozzles to account for the Duraplat3-d thickness buildup.  


  • E3D Volcano Hotend (either 1.75mm or 3mm)