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Replicator 2 Glass Build Plate

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About the Replicator 2 Glass Build Plate

This is a Glass Build Plate for Makerbot Replicator 2 machines to replace the stock, usually warped, acrylic build plate. This engineered system snaps right into place and is ready to print!

High Quality Glass is flat within .0015" and comes with a frame to locate and center the glass. Thickness is an exact match to the acrylic plate (not 3/8" which is too thick) and the weight is comparable to the stock setup. 

Not for use on Replicator 2X. Not for use with heated beds.

Glass comes pre-installed with blue masking tape on one side for improved adhesion. Print on this side or flip the glass over and print on the other side if that is your preference. Both edges of glass have visual scribe marks for easy centering.

A-Frame Instructions