Twist Drill Download Files

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About the Twist Drill Download Files

The original 3D-printable Twist Drill that accompanies each aluminum arm stiffener kit!

"User Speedy777 has modeled up his own version and has posted it on Thingiverse here.  In fact, he had posted his rendition before we made our files available, and when his version got noticed, and (and later, wanted to do an article on the drill, he insisted that they contact us and we take the credit instead.  Kudos Speedy777."

Instructions and Usage

  • Works with #37 (.104" / 2.64mm) drill bits
  • May accommodate slightly larger or smaller bits (use at your own risk)
  • Download and print all 4 STL files (Helix, Nut, Hand Grip, Finger Rest)
  • Suggest printing at fine layer height (.1mm)
  • Suggest a highly calibrated printer
  • Suggest using raft on the helix component
  • During assembly, it helps to put a tiny drop of grease on the tip of the finger rest before pressing it into the helix. It should snap in snugly, but turn freely