Bambu Labs X1C Spool Bracket Extender

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About the Bambu Labs X1C Spool Bracket Extender

Space the metal spool holder bracket off the back of the X1C so you can still use it with the AMS unit.  Use M3 x 25mm bolts to secure this version.  This is a remix of one of the many, many spool bracket extenders out there, apologies we couldn't find the right one to attribute this to. If this similar to yours please let us know so we can link it.

This one also includes an optional ring that you can glue into the counterbore of the one hole, so it helps locate this onto the back of the printer (like the original metal bracket has as proud-standing ring).  

We use this in conjunction with our spool holder clip and arbor rings for cardboard spools.

Instructions and Usage

  • Print sturdy, use (2) M3 x 25mm bolts to secure. Happy spooling!